Have a long weekend sleeping in women more severe PMS

The habit to compensate for the lack of sleep on weekdays due to a long weekend is especially dangerous for women.The study showed that it may increase the pain during menstruation due to destruction of the normal reproductive cycle.

The modern rhythm of life leads to the fact that many of us do not get the recommended 7-8 hours of sleep at night. However, the weekend people prefer to sleep longer, to thereby compensate for the sleep deficit during the week. In recent years, there have been many studies that either encouraged this habit and claimed that she is healthy, or, on the contrary, emphasized that it negatively affects the body. Now Japanese researchers during observations for 150 students of the University found that long sleep in the weekend to compensate for the shortage of sleep on weekdays can have negative effects on some processes of the female body.

This habit disrupts the natural reproductive cycles, which increases pain during menstruation. As a result, women encounter more unpleasant PMS, as shown by the observations. More than three quarters of participants in this survey actually had a sleep deficit during the week, they tried to compensate for a long weekend. These girls are faced with more pain and bloating during menstruation. In addition, this group observed the most negative behavioral changes.

In doing so, the authors of the study do not know why this habit is so unpleasant PMS flowing, but they have suggested about violations of the circadian rhythms of the body. Earlier science proved that failure of circadian rhythms can be affected by hormonal cycles, which, in turn, regulate menstruation and inflammation. Magicforum recalls that according to statistics from severe pain during menstruation affects up to 20% of women of childbearing age. (READ MORE)