Evening stress harmful the morning

It turns out that evening stress can be harmful the morning, since it may react worse to the body. It was able to install the Japanese researchers from Hokkaido University, about their work is told in Neuropsychopharmacology Reports. More pronounced painful reaction of the organism to evening stress, according to experts, associated with its subordination of circadian rhythms.

Scientists have organized an experiment in which people were stressful for them homework in the morning or evening. Experts found that those participants who experienced morning stress, level of hormone cortisol was raised much greater than those who are faced with stress in the evening. According to scientists, the synthesis of cortisol is closely connected with the biorhythms, and in the body of the mechanism, not giving throw plus quantity of the hormone in the evening when he needs to rest.

Why evening stress bad for the body? Scientists explain: cortisol mobilizes energy resources, but if in the evening it is not enough to cope with stress can be much harder. Thus, specialists say that the psychological tension in the evening is potentially more dangerous than stress in the morning – the vulnerability of the body before the evening stress increased due to the lack of cortisol, which the body literally don’t have enough power to handle the load.

“Stress-responsive hormonal system, and nervous, as can be seen in heart rhythm under stress autonomic nervous system makes the heart beat faster. In the morning easier to cope with the stimuli – the stress hormone cortisol becomes the assistant to his body,” postulated the researchers.
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