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From snowboarding to ice hockey there are many exciting winter activities that are worth a try this year. This will give you not only new sensations, but also help to bring the body in shape.

If you want to know about how much calorie burn of your favorite winter sports, then this article is for you.


According to the National Association of ski areas United States, each year at ski resorts goes about 7 million Americans. Skiing a very popular winter activity. Although ski and ride for several thousand years, it wasn’t always fun or sport. The international ski Association notes that the stone age hunters followed the deer and herds of elk from the Altai region of Central Asia, moving North-West and North-East, using skis, fur-covered, which worked like modern rock climbers. Fortunately, now need to hunt on skis anymore.

A comprehensive list of calories burned with dozens of activities, Harvard Health notes that the average person weighing 70 kg burns 223 calories downhill for half an hour and 298 calories cross country skiing for the same amount of time.

This means that a day on the slopes, you will lose 1338-1788 calories!


In the last few decades have seen an increase in popularity of snowboarding, a close relative of skiing. Established in 1964, a surfer named Sherman Poppen, the first snowboard, or the snurfer, according to Bulgaria Ski, was created by combining two of children’s skis together. Despite the fact that such an invention has become a popular Christmas gift for kids epidemic subsided as quickly as it came, until, while the second surfer , Dimitri milović started work on a new prototype based on the newly introduced short Board for surfing.

With the help of a few interested helpers who were keen on the idea of promoting new sports equipment, by the 1990s, years ski resorts have finally begun to allow the use of snowboards on the slopes. And there was the sport with which we are all familiar today.

However, when it comes to burning calories with the help of snowboarding, the calculations may not be so simple. According to Ski and Snowboard Month, recreational snowboarding for thirty minutes burns approximately 220 calories in a person weighing 70 kg. Is a number that probably refers to Alpine snowboarding, comparable to the number of calories burned with downhill skiing.

However, if we talk about competition (freestyle) snowboarding which involves various tricks calories burned can be almost twice higher and reach 490 calories.


This winter activity has existed for thousands of years and carried out in various ways. From high-speed competition toboggan and Luge to slide inside the pipe to the common exit of the hill sledding may not always like the sport, but burns more calories than you think.

According to Harvard Health, tobogganing and toboggan burn about 260 calories per half hour.

As it turned out that this kind of activity burns more calories than skiing and snowboarding?

Fans that use something heavier than a plastic plate or package, calories are burned not just a trip down the mountain, and the climb up the slope. And, of course, if you are riding someone else, you have to quickly grab your gear and run upstairs, or you risk to be shot down the next person going from the hill! As for trade sled, to participate in the race must have a strong upper body in accordance with the instructions of How Stuff Works. In addition, for the descent required power of the whole body to keep the sliders and control the movement.

Snow shoeing

Another device for winter activity with a rich history, snowshoes, believed to have originated in Central Asia and migrated over the Bering Strait, the ancestors of the Inuit and native Americans. According to the Association of snowshoes USA only in the 1960s and 1970s years, manufacturers of snowshoes abandoned the traditional rough leather and wood in favor of neoprene and aluminum. It is this shift to the convenience helped shoes to obtain recognition under the recreational activities.

Like cross country skis, snowshoes are a great cardio workout and, according to Harvard Health, burn 298 calories in 30 minutes.


And last but not least is a winter activity that I love and fans of the sport, and creative personality. From ice dancing and figure skating to hockey skating – is the activity, created by both professionals and Amateurs. According to research conducted by Federico Formenti of Oxford University, the ice skating was first introduced in Finland over 4000 years ago. Initially,as well as skis and snowshoes, they were used for survival and not for recreation. Of course, since then, the society has come a long way, and with it the skating has become a favorite winter pastime.

Harvard Health notes that the skating in General, burns 260 calories every 30 minutes, and hockey all 298.

Of course, if you evaluate competitive figure skaters, these numbers will double. In addition, U.S. Figure Skating say that one hour of skating is equivalent to eight-kilometer run, and even figure skaters-beginners are spending a lot of energy to get around the rink. So regardless of whether you cling still to the wall of the rink, doing a triple Lutz jump or score goals in a hockey game, skating is a great way to burn calories this winter.

Despite the fact that many have no opportunity to play summer sports in the next few months, there are many ways to get in shape and stay active in the cold season.