Crickets promote intestinal health

Once again confirmed the usefulness of insects to the human body. The scientific study of the University of Colorado have shown that eating crickets can improve intestinal health.

Scientists found two significant benefits to human health from eating crickets. It turned out that the crickets improve the body’s ability to recover the amount of bifidobacteria microorganisms depends on the immune system. According to the researchers, in the human body there is a certain population of these important for the health of the bacteria, but with age it reduces. So crickets are especially poleznoye people.

The scientists also found that crickets are an effective means to reduce the indicators of TNF-alpha in the blood marker of inflammation. Thus crickets improve the protection of the body against the development of diseases such as type II diabetes, heart attacks and strokes, whose development correlates with the level of inflammation.

In 1017 edition of the Daily Mail has published the forecasts of experts in the field of nutrition, who spoke about the fact that within two years the powder of the insects will be among the most popular dietary supplements worldwide. Those crickets are a great source of protein, healthy fatty acids, calcium, iron, vitamins of group B. According to forecasts, due to rapidly growing population of the planet insects in the near future will inevitably be a cost-effective alternative source of protein needed for human life.

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