Cold season: What helps against annoying neck pain

Neck pain: Some tips to prevent the painful Scraping in the throat

In the autumn and winter months it is not uncommon for a cold to catch. The disease usually goes hand in hand with neck pain. The Scratching in the throat can also be a Symptom of a serious disease. Health experts explain what can help patients.

In the case of longer-lasting neck pain to the doctor

Autumn and winter are a pain, all the time for neck. For millions Concerned, they belong to everyday life. “Neck pain are mostly of the harmless companion of a cold. However, they can also be a Symptom of a more serious disease,“ explains Dr. Ursula Marschall, senior Physician of the Barmer in a message. “Take the neck pain for longer than a week, is a visit to the doctor is advisable,” recommends the expert. So could quickly be clarified, whether in place of a supposedly simple common cold to a Congestion of the voice, tonsillitis, laryngitis in question could come. Also thyroid disorders, or infectious diseases may be causing the pain in the neck.

– Relieving tips to prevent swallowing

According to the Marshal’s neck and let the pain and the frequently associated difficulty in swallowing fight well with in the pharmacy medicines.

Lozenges, and solutions for gargling containing different active ingredients that not fought, however, the pain underlying inflammation is often the cause.

Many health professionals recommend anyway to try it with a flu-like infection, first with the help of naturopathy.

Sage, chamomile and eucalyptus as a home remedy for the common cold known.

Also the expert of the insurance company refers to the natural resources: “The experience has shown that cold-induced neck pain for good with home remedies to alleviate. So, for example, with warm salt water gargle, chamomile or sage tea to drink. Drinking a lot is already very important,“ says Marshall.

Most infections heal by itself In a rule, colds achieve after two, three days culminating, after about a week the worst should be over.

Concerned on the best wrapped up warm in bed or on the Sofa and drink two to three litres of water or herbal tea a day.

Defenses strengths: Fresh air and warm clothes

The best protection against infection is a good, resilient immune system. In order to strengthen the body’s own defenses, it is advisable to have a healthy, vitamin-rich diet to ensure sufficient exercise and enough sleep.

In addition, you should dress warm when it’s cold, because the immune system Freeze weakens. Also the sauna and contrast showers can help to strengthen the immune system.

The mucous membranes not only provide protection from infection, as long as they dry out. That’s why the viruses have at dry heating air, easy game.

That’s why always back to regular Airing is advised to home and in the workplace. Air humidifier can also help to prevent drying out of the mucous membranes. (ad)