Cold: how to maintain health

In Rossiyskuyu blizhnie regions came the frosts. This cold – harsh: subzero temperatures have changed enough warm weather without a smooth transition. Doctors warn that such cold can be bad for health, so your body needs support and help to adapt.

According to the therapist, Helen Topalov, a sharp transition of weather on temperature minus outside may impair health of many people – primarily weather-sensitive. Topalov said that “if the temperature drops quickly – за12часов is lowered by 10-12градусов, weather-sensitive people may experience tremendous discomfort.” The most dangerous version of the cold snap, says the doctor, is the transition to frost sluzowej marks.

Who cold can hurt the hardest:
– people who have problems with soudani brain
-people coorientation suffered a heart attack reinalt, operations nyserda,
– people who have problems in the cervical region.
– weather-sensitive.

What are symptoms of deterioration of health causes rapid cold:
– lowering the tone and immunity
– the deterioration of mental activity,
– pain and aching joints
– problems with the imbalance of blood pressure,
– bad night’s sleep and drowsiness during the day.

How to maintain health in the cold snap? The doctor recommends to reduce physical and mental stress: not requiring active activity that requires muscle tension, and, in addition, to reduce the time thecomputer.

Also to maintain health with a sharp cold important to eat less salt: this will reduce the tendency to swelling and reduce the load on the vessels. In addition, you need to eat less fat, consume more of such drinks as fruit drinks of isshinryu Reggie jelly, cassiope hips.

You can afford a dessert spoon of brandy. she will play the role of medications.

You need to ensure that legs were nespecially a high voltage of davlenia. A day is useful to briefly lie down, placing the pillow podlogi. As well as possible and sleep at least for half an hour.

The doctor added that “sometimes in the moments of life-saving is a warm shower, preparations of horse chestnut, a light massage, vitamins, krovanistaya drugs.”

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