Chilean village in the middle of Nowhere: Who wants to live here, before the surgery – Video

Is remote is hardly the right expression to describe it to Chile belonging to the village “Villa Las Estrellas”. Because it is located in Antarctica. From the mainland of Chile, it takes more than two hours with the aircraft to the nearest hospital. Therefore, anyone who wants to live there, before the Appendix removed.

"Villa las Estrellas" a Chile is a Spanish village. Only that it is not at all in Chile: It is located on the "King George-Insel" in Antarctica. Unlike most of the places there, the village is permanently inhabited: In "Villa las Estrellas" there is a Shop, a Post office and a small school. On the eight offered grades for about 15 students to distribute after all.

Who wants to live there, needs to have his Appendix removed

Most of the residents are employees of the Chilean air force or Navy, who are stationed at the local base. The special feature of "Villa las Estrellas": For all the inhabitants of a bizarre rule applies. Who wants to go there, before the Appendix removal – it is mandatory. The reason is that although There are some Doctors on the site, but not a surgeon. The nearest hospital is located far beyond the island more than 1000 kilometres away. For an urgent appendicitis operation this way would be too far.

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Pregnant? Also doctors advise

Also on-site to produce offspring of physicians do not recommend: Too high the risk that in the event of complications, no doctor is, how "BBC Future" reported. A Team from the British broadcaster has "Villa las Estrellas" this year, visited and found to be: Anything other than Chile, the weather is there: In the Winter the temperatures can drop to well below minus 30 degrees. Sudden storms obscure the view and make it dangerous to leave the house. The small school must remain closed because it is buried under masses of Snow.

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