Cancer: The tasty snack that can slash the risk of dying from the disease ‘in half’

Trisha Goddard discusses her breast cancer in 2018

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Cancer prevention has become an international priority in the face of climbing rates, with certain lifestyle choices offering good chances of averting the disease. The importance of a healthy diet, for instance, cannot be overstated. Certain foods, however, offer better protection than others. According to one body of research, certain nuts could decrease the risk of cancer recurrence in half.

Studies have shown that eating one ounce of certain nuts could help reduce the risk of certain cancers, including colorectal, endometrial and pancreatic cancer.

In one study of more than 3,500 patients, researchers found regular nut consumption to reduce the recurrence of cancer by 52 percent.

Nuts that offer the strongest protection against cancer include peanuts, walnuts, almonds pistachios.

The finding also suggested nuts could cut the risk of dying from breast cancer by half.

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Alongside their anticancer benefits, the study also highlighted the nut’s lowering effects on cholesterol levels.

Professor Shu noted: “Nuts are important components of healthy diets. Promoting this modifiable lifestyle factor should be emphasised in breast cancer survivor guidelines.

“It’s encouraging that eating more nuts could potentially benefit women who have previously been treated for breast cancer.

“However, more research continuously tracking dietary changes, over a longer period of time, is needed to draw firm conclusions that adding more buts to the diet can reduce the chances of breast cancer returning and increase survival.

“We know that for women who have completed breast cancer treatment these recurrences can make it challenging to move forward, making it really important we investigate different ways to prevent breast cancer coming back.”

There is little biological explanation for the protective effects of nuts against cancer, but some hypotheses have been voiced.

Some researchers attribute the anticancer properties of nuts to their polyphenol and unsaturated fat content, which help increase certain bacteria in the gut.

This, in turn, helps suppress gastrointestinal inflammation and carcinogenesis – the process by which normal cells become cancerous.

Other compounds such as elegiac acid, found in walnuts, pecans, and pine nuts, have been shown to inhibit the activation, proliferation, and migration of pancreatic cancer cells.

But intake has also been associated with decreased insulin which is an important factor in the development of certain cancers.

it is well-established that diet offers some of the best chances of tackling cancer, which claims millions of lives around the globe each year.

Around 375,000 people are diagnosed with a malignancy in the UK each year, but figures dropped drastically during the pandemic.

This fanned concerns that many cases of the disease would be picked up in the later stages when it is harder to treat.

Detecting the condition in the early stages is crucial for boosting the chances of curative treatment.

For this reason, unusual body changes always warrant further inspection by a medical expert.

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