Biological rhythms help to lose weight without effort

Scientists from Harvard Medical school in the US said that the life in accordance with natural biological rhythms helps lose weight without effort in the form of special exercises and diets. In other words, those who want to become slimmer you need to get up early enough in the morning and going to bed shortly after sunset.

If human existence coincides with its biological rhythms, the body no effort from the outside to actively burn calories and lose weight, established the American researchers. For example, according to them, in the evening this will consume 10% more calories than in the morning, this writes the journal Current Biology.

Scientists have conducted an experiment. The participants more than a month lived in a lab with no Windows and no phones – in short, to not be able to keep track of time. The test conditions sleep time volunteers daily shift everything later. In the end, it turned out that in those cases, when the biological rhythms of people coincide with the actual daily routine, their body every hour burned about half a gram fat without any effort for this.

Biological rhythms of the organism is changes in biological processes which have a certain periodicity. Biorhythms are present in every living organism, also referred to as the “biological clock”. There are circadian, ultradian, infradian, circulararea and lunar-monthly biological rhythms.

The scientists concluded that “the mode of the day in accordance with the biorhythms of the body helps to lose weight and not gain excess weight in the future without sports, dietary restrictions and other efforts.” Failure in biological rhythms, according to them, promotes the habit of going to sleep at all later time. While biological night in humans begins at the time when he had to be dreaming.

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