Aussies Can Finally Board The Peloton Bandwagon This July

In the world of fitness, it seems that we can’t do a workout quietly. When there is a method that works or a routine that has taken us from drab to fab, we need the world to know. From the gym mirror selfies we can’t help but snap during a workout, to a livestream of our latest fitness obsession, Instagram now serves as a highlight reel of the latest fad diets and fitness trends. But while many of these come and go as quickly as a viral TikTok dance craze, since the pandemic hit and saw most of us trade the gym for the garage or living room and whatever kitchen utensils we could fashion into weights, one fitness platform seems to have come out on top: Peloton. 

If you’ve heard the word Peloton and thought it referred to some kind of cult, you wouldn’t be too far off the mark. Of course, it’s not actually a cult, but the fitness platform has converted even those who profane the phrase “workout” into ardent fans of its workouts. With a loyal fanbase, the Peloton community has moved online and it’s there you’ll find memes, videos and sweaty selfies, all with the intention to encourage others to get active and give it a whirl. And now, for those of us based in Australia, we finally can. 

After months of hearing our US neighbours raving about Peloton, the fitness platform is finally coming to Australia this July. Having pioneered connected, technology-enabled fitness, Aussies can now use the Peloton app to launch into a workout, while the Bike and Bike+ will be available for purchase from July 14th. 

If you’re unfamiliar with what Peloton is, basically it’s a fitness platform that offers a range of workouts. Sure, the bike might be the most well known component that immediately springs to mind, but there’s so much more on offer here. Consider online programs like Apple Fitness, only with a following that feels more like a community centre gym class, one where you know a lot of faces, trade stories, and have trainers supporting you along the way to ensure you reach your fitness goals. Where most online fitness programs feel cold and rather stilted, Peloton feels intimate and personal.

Its success isn’t just down to the incredible workouts, fun music and enthusiastic instructors. When you think about the convenience of having world-class workouts at your fingertips that you can do anywhere and anytime, the idea of signing up for a gym membership suddenly seems…well, outdated. Just consider the fact that over 440,000 people follow Peloton’s official Facebook page, where they connect, post photos of themselves and their bikes, along with updates on their workouts regimens. It’s a community that inspires and even includes the likes of Hugh Jackman, Richard Branson and Usain Bolt. 

As Peloton Australia’s Country Manager, Karen Lawson, said in a statement, “Australians are passionate about health and wellbeing and have always had their finger on the pulse when it comes to fitness technology and experiences, which is why we believe Peloton is positioned to provide Australians with a completely new way to work out.”

Lawson added, “There will be something for everyone; whether it’s a live ride from the comfort of their own home, or a class taken anywhere they like to workout using the Peloton App. The app has more than 10 fitness disciplines, including outdoor running, strength, bootcamp, yoga and meditation. We have so much to offer, as we look to redefine fitness in Australia.”

So, if you’re keen to hop onboard the Peloton bandwagon, consider this your opportunity. You’ll now be able to purchase the Peloton Bike and Bike+ online or via the brand’s physical retail showrooms established across key Australian cities, including the likes of Martin Place, Bondi Junction, and Melbourne. At $2,895 and $3,695 for the Bike and Bike+, this is one piece of equipment that doesn’t come cheaply. But when you consider the success of Peloton and its community of devout fans who never miss a workout, it could just be the best investment you ever make for your health.

The All-Access Membership will then grant you access to Peloton content using the Bike or Bike+, and you can create accounts for the entire household at just $59 per month. Within this membership, you can find an expansive library of content that requires no Peloton equipment. For those looking for a standalone Digital Membership, you can also get this for $16.99 per person, which gives you access to thousands of live and on-demand classes via the Peloton App and requires no purchase of Peloton hardware. 

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