Artificial intelligence in pharmacy

Artificial intelligence (AI) is already arrived in our daily lives, for example in the Form of a voice assistant in the Smartphone. Also in medicine it is used: So the robot perform certain operations, for which high precision is required. What are the chances of Artificial intelligence for the local pharmacy, Prof. Dr. Katharina Zweig in 11 language. Future Congress Public pharmacy of the pharmacists ‘ Association North Rhine, in Bonn.

In her Keynote branch about what we can in the future of Artificial intelligence in many areas of life, different language. The experts of the Enquete Commission of the German Bundestag is among the most renowned researchers nationally in the field of Artificial intelligence, and also threw a glance into the distant future of the pharmacist profession.

Here, she emphasized, above all, a great strength of the pharmacy on location: The position of Trust and proximity they have to the patient. Great opportunities for pharmacies, the researcher sees, for example, in the personalized medication management, with the assistance of Artificial intelligence, as well as in the collection of data for the determination of pharmaceutical incompatibilities and side effects, as well as to the right medication.

The extent to which Artificial intelligence in the healing professions, to be used should come, be the expert that is also an ethical question. In a subsequent plenary discussion this was confirmed by the Congress participants. Dr med said. Carsten König, Deputy Chairman of the kassenärztliche Vereinigung Nordrhein, that Artificial intelligence could only support the decision but had to remain at the health professional learning. Branch also stressed that the further development of Artificial intelligence should be done with the technical Input of salvation, of professional page. She called for here is active in political discussions.


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