Antipyretics can be dangerous

Antipyretics in the form of soluble powders quick action can be very dangerous, in particular, they threaten the cellular integrity of the organism. About what a strike antipyretics to the internal organs, the doctor told Victoria Savitskaya.

Savitskaya said that in the beginning of the flu rise in temperature is an indication of immune cells into the fight against the pathogen. Antipyretics in the first days of the disease to take absolutely not necessary – the desire to bring down the temperature at this stage of the illness, on the contrary, can be dangerous, as it only hinders the immune system.

The doctor considers more correct in this case, to drink a decoction of rose hips with a spoon of raspberry jam and then sleep for several hours. Thus, you need to do without fever-reducing medicines and not to bring down the temperature in the first 3 days of the onset of symptoms, said Savitskaya.

“Soluble powders cause a huge impact on the internal body and can trigger the development of a number of ailments,” said the medic.
According to the expert, antipyretics in the form of hot drinks affect the kidneys, pancreas and liver. In children they can cause to more significant complications.

The best way to begin treatment is rest in bed and drink, the expert added. The physician advised him to drink more of warm mineral water, adding slices of lemon or warm fruity teas.

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