Aida Cruises moves to restart after Corona-forced break

The Corona-pandemic keeps the world in suspense: More than 17 million people have been infected with the Coronavirus, 209.741 of them in Germany. The United States reported almost daily new record numbers.

Aida Cruises moves to restart after Corona-forced break

The cruise shipping company Aida Cruises has postponed its restart to the Corona-forced break in the short term. The planned Mini-cruises on the Baltic sea for the first half of August were cancelled on Sunday. Contrary to the expectations of the company, a final formal approval for the Start of the short travel am 5. August by the flag state, Italy, from said Aida at its headquarters in Rostock.

For Aida Cruises, this is a major setback. The company wanted to go to the corona-induced forced break since mid-March on 5. August driving record, first of all, with Mini-cruises on the Baltic sea without a shore. For the restart of comprehensive plans had been developed and all of the increased standards of hygiene, as well as measures for protection from Covid-19 on Board of the ships implemented.

Were canceled, the short trips with the Aidaperla/to Hamburg from the 5. to 8. August, 8. to 12. August and from 12. to 15. August. Is affected, therefore, the Short-cruise of Aidamar from/to Warnemünde, from 12. to 16. August. In the case of the planned trips from the 16. August Aida assumes, that you can take, as a spokesman for the German press Agency said.

“Aida regrets this delay very much,” it said. The company assume that it will receive the last, formal approval by the flag state Italy in a timely manner.

For the restart, Aida had 750 crew members from Asia on 22. July flew with three aircraft to be loaded. Corona-Tests after landing, there were eleven Infected were isolated in sequence.

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