A young mother is riddled with tumors – so brave, she shows in Public

Vanessa Cornelio has a pretty face. But in the body of the 25-Year-old proliferation of tumors, and the spine is bent. Now she is gone with their suffering history to the Public, to make people in similar situations courage – even her little son. He has inherited tumor disease.

Bright Smile, dark sparkling eyes, at first glance, Vanessa Cornelio is a pretty 25-Year-old. But the petite young woman from Glendale, Arizona, has a body that torments you since birth – with physical pain and emotional wounds:

They came up with neurofibromatosis, a rare genetic disorder to the world, to your body again and again tumors proliferate. The lobed or raised growths are benign but painful and disfiguring, especially in the belly room of Vanessa. A pronounced spinal curvature. 15 Times Vanessa was already on the operating table, there will probably be other OPs.

Vanessa is no longer ashamed of your body

Vanessa Cornelio was her life, unhappy in your body, and has hardly ventured out in Public, and suffered from depression. However, this should now always be closing, she told the UK’s DailyMail.

With Youtube Videos about her life with the severe disease and a professional photo shoot, it presented itself to the Public. She is wearing make-up and styled – but also so naked, that all your imperfections are seen.

The courage of the American woman held by her partner Daniel Robles and her son, Daniel, jr., they brought two years ago to the world. The Little one has inherited her Genstörung, soon after the birth of neurofibromatosis was found. “But I want him to be not a permanent depressed mother, and I want to show him that he can do everything.”

Two Daniels were Vanessa’s rescue

The great Daniel had awakened her courage to face life before. He says he was in love with four years ago, just a normal girl. When they showed him after some time, for the first time your body, it was happened long ago to him. “After every storm there is a rainbow. She is my rainbow,“ says Vanessa’s fiancé today.

Vanessa Cornelio told quite objectively about their discomfort, their daily pain and limitations: “I actually have pain and my condition could worsen. My spine could collapse, or even my lungs.“

Your spine, the strong Deformation and instability at the age of four years it was found, operated on several times, and with rods and screws to stabilize. Because Vanessa had in addition to the lateral curvature of the scoliosis, also called a kyphosis, a hump. Visually, there’s barely anything of it, but their Vortex structure is sensitive and fragile.

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She didn’t know if your back can withstand the pregnancy

Vanessa had during the pregnancy, fear that your back might not hold. Once the case was resolved in the case of a strong movement of a wire, whereby their legs were temporarily paralysis. Not allowed to wear your little Daniel and can’t even romp around with him – dad Daniel.

Everyday life is for Vanessa, even today, laboriously, he will always remain – but Vanessa is no longer quarrels constantly with your body. “I’ve accepted who I am and how I look, and it’s okay,” you today. “I could only, as Daniel and my son came into my life. You accept me for who I am, and that is the Only thing that really counts.“

Depression, because she was never like other girls

Your son also has neurofibromatosis, makes Vanessa Cornelio still afraid. “These tumors can occur anywhere, even in the brain. And I don’t know how it will be. But I will do everything to make him well.“

In the case of self-only the typical brownish patches of meadows as a Baby on the tumor disease and, later, the tumor formed bumps. Bad it was for you as a Teenager. “I had no female forms, only a protruding stomach because of the tumors. The people asked me if I was pregnant. And while all the other young women were in the gym, I was in the operating room,“ recalls Vanessa, the dark years, in which she also struggled with depression.

This is neurofibromatosis

Neurofibromatosis is a genetic tumor disorder that is caused by degenerated nerve cells and connective tissue cells. There are eight different types of neurofibromatosis. Most often the type 1. A 30,000 newborns in Germany with neurofibromatosis type 1. First symptoms of pigment spots (Café-au-lait spots), and later, benign swollen caused beads of nervous and connective tissue cells of different size. You can go hand in hand with pain or neurological disorders. Among the other complaints of spinal curvature often. The tumors can be surgically removed or reduced in size. A cure is not possible.

Show acts like a therapy

To show your body in photos and Videos to social networks, for the young mother is also a piece of therapy. “I’ve never spoken about my condition, ‘ve locked myself in my life closed and literally. Now I want to be outside, and the voice of all those who are afraid – like I used to.“

Even more important is for Vanessa, however, to ensure that your son accepted, and in spite of his illness, always positive. “I was all my life negatively and I’ve now really had enough,” she says self-consciously.