7 simple tips that will help you to love running

If your run a little similar to the one in the advertisement of deodorant, and expert advice seem difficult to apply in life, you have got to address. We will share simple tips that will help you look at running from a different angle, and perhaps the whole soul to love him.

Motivate yourself correctly

We should not be surprised that running seems to you to test if your route is a busy Avenue with lots of traffic lights and other obstacles. If the thought of tomorrow’s cardio workout makes your palms sweat, do not expect that running on a busy street will motivate you to Wake up early in the morning. Cardio for cardio’s not the best motivation.

Think about the fact that running makes you healthier, stronger and more beautiful – it motivates much better. The advice may seem obvious, but finding the positive aspects that running can bring to your life, makes the process more desirable and justified.

In addition,you can quite legally be envious of those who wear t-shirts of the participants of the marathons. A great motivation can serve as a reminder to yourself that if you continue to run in the mornings, in the end, you can become one of them.

Share your passion with friends

Once you tell a few close friends about his new sports habit, you will have more motivation to stick to it. Perhaps someone shares your interests, then you will be able to share a small report about Jogging, pictures, or even run together that will be an additional motivation for both of you.

Great if friends can support you, knowing how difficult you are given such exercise. This way you will be able to feel that other people notice your efforts. Always nice to know that loved ones are proud of you.

Do not take running too seriously

During each session, and try to find at least one thing that will make you smile or laugh. You will find that it really helps to raise mood and alleviate gradually increasing the voltage. We are also convinced that the search for moments that can bring a smile, has a cumulative effect over time – the more times you felt happy during the run, the stronger your mind is fixed the connection is running a positive event. In the end, if you smile, so not so bad.

When your strength is running, and you can’t think about anything else except the speedy completion of the Jogging, a funny dog or laughing child, will help to distract and interrupt the next cycle is repeated in the head of the phrase when it will end.

If the road is no fun not met, just remember a funny story or meme that have heard or seen recently. That might work too! Even the worrying about what you will look strange running around with a smile from ear to ear, can be cause for laughter. Running does not have to be serious and intense sport. Just try to make Jogging more carefree, and you will see how easier it will become to run.

Make a playlist of your favorite music

We’re certainly not the first person to tell you that a good running playlist makes a run more enjoyable, but some runners say that listening to the same playlist each time will serve as floriental with which you can track the success. If you normally run past a supermarket, when it begins to play the second song, but suddenly find yourself near it during the first, it means that you beat your own record. And approaching the end of the playlist, you know that run will end soon.

Also there is nothing worse than constantly flipping folders with music while Jogging on the track, so creating a playlist will save you from wasting of the nerves, allowing them to focus on the task at hand.

Consider which songs will go to the end of the run, and even better add a few songs specifically for relaxation after or during a run. The last song is somewhat similar to the end credits of the film exciting when you can finally exhale deeply and enjoy the light fatigue.

Plan your route in advance

One of the biggest mistakes made by beginners is to forget to pre-plan a route. If you do not plan your route in advance, in the end, you’ll begin to bump into obstacles such as brake lights, increasing the risk of losing motivation or even lose.

You can choose, for example, two routes, which follow, depending on how many miles you want to run. Thus, you no longer have to worry about where you run, you’ll know exactly how long is the race (and where will be the end point), and will be able to be home by the time when you want to cool.

Choose routes that pass through parts of the city that you like. Running through the beautiful parks, rivers, and cozy streets, your mood will automatically rise, and the desire to run in the mornings to watch sleepy empty town to strengthen.

Right attitude

Some people can run in anything, holding your phone in a sports top and tucking the key into the shoes. But we recommend to completely transform into the most convenient sport to tune in.

If possible, purchase the gadgets that will become your best friends on the run, they will consider time, distance, steps, pace and even compare the statistics from previous races. When you see the result in figures on the screen, it motivates you to continue to train to improve performance.

Wireless headphone, comfortable running shoes and running poisounousto safely store your house keys and iPhone, we recommend you also include in your must-have list, as they will help to make running more comfortable and efficient.

Mark your progress

Some days are definitely more complex than others. It does not matter if occasionally you miss a workout, because today you don’t want to do it. At other times just try to do a little more. There are days when the last kilometer seems to be something impossible, or, on the contrary, you can easily run twice more. Even if your run was not perfect, do not forget to praise yourself.

Always try to do the maximum, but don’t beat yourself up if it turns out not always. The fact that you are standing still, and strive to become better, deserves respect. Who knows, maybe in time you will give advice to beginners.