5 health problems from going without a hat

Walking in winter on the street without a hat may entail the most dramatic consequences for the organism. Doctors said there are few health problems that await those who ignore warm headwear.

Health problem: otitis media. The combination of cold wind and walking without a hat can give the sad result is inflammation of the middle and outer ear, otitis media. In the ears can cause boils, leading to severe pain and suppuration.

Health problem: inflammation of the facial and occipital nerve. The neuritis is able to develop due to hypothermia are real torments of hell. Inflammation of nerves is accompanied by throbbing pain, which does not allow neither to sleep nor eat. This treatment may not help or be very long.

Health problem: sinusitis.If after walking without a cap you are caught, otitis media, beware – the infection can pass to other organs of the head in the force close. Can hurt the tonsils, and then develop a sore throat. If there is inflammation of the paranasal sinuses may develop sinusitis and frontal sinusitis.

Health problem: angina. Hypothermia of the head can lead to spasm of blood vessels of internal organs and provoke an attack of angina or asthma. Do not go bareheaded in the cold!

Health problem: baldness. Hypothermia head bad condition of the blood vessels that feed hair follicles. As a result, the nutrition of the hair follicle is broken, the hair becomes thinner and more porous, begin to fall.

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