4 of the most unusual causes of asthma

The number of asthma cases in the world increases constantly. German experts have called the four most unusual causes of this disease.

Pets. Unfortunately, our Pets often become the cause of developing asthma. Well, asthmatics are advised to stay away from cats and dogs that produce a lot of wool. Several studies have shown that pet dander is responsible for the increase in the number of asthma attacks. And trigger this attack can be not only wool, but also in the protein, which is contained in urine, saliva and dead skin cells pet.

Cockroaches. Insects in General, and some species in particular, can trigger asthma. Special danger is posed by cockroaches that often cause this disease. In their saliva, faeces, and parts of the body contains a protein that provokes an allergic reaction. It produces the same effect on the air passages, and dust. The best way to deal with this problem besides call the exterminator will be frequent wet cleaning and a vacuum cleaner.

Bisphenol A. This component contains in the plastic, and its harm to health has been proven in numerous scientific studies. In particular, it is proved that if exposed to bisphenol-A during the first trimester of pregnancy the probability of the child to face later with asthma on the first stage of life significantly increased. By itself BPA repeats in the body activity of certain hormones, it is also linked with infertility and cancer.

Obesity.Large amounts of excess weight and asthma are linked due to the fact that in the case of obesity, the body responds by chronic inflammatory reaction. This means that the probability of asthma attacks increases. By the way, obesity is often the original cause of development of asthma in adults as lung capacity goes down. (READ MORE)