4 most useful trace element in winter

Winter is a difficult test for the body, which is forced to adapt to the cold and lack of sunlight. Doctors-endocrinologists there are four of the most useful trace elements, adequate intake of which the body provides the most effective support to its healthy state.

The most useful trace elements in the winter: vitamin D. In the process of absorption of vitamin D in the body is converted to the active steroid hormone that affect the function of the immune and nervous systems, regulation of blood pressure. According to doctors, it is useful to know your level of vitamin D in the body (this allows you to do a blood test for 25(OH)D). If there is a shortage, then it is better to fill.

The most useful trace elements in winter: omega-3. According to science, people who regularly consume omega-3, less of depression and depressive state are already in this use can begin to improve. Useful information, considering that with the arrival of winter for many begins the season of melancholy and depression.

In addition, omega-3 improves sleep quality, and some help from joint pain.

The most useful trace elements in the winter: magnesium.If the body lacks magnesium, increasing its susceptibility to stress can also occur arrhythmia, increase the risk of stroke. The abundance of magnesium, in turn, increases stress and promotes rapid recovery in stressful circumstances.

The most useful trace elements in winter: zinc. According to doctors, consumption of zinc in the body increases sharply in the cold – this nutrient is extremely necessary for the immune system. Zinc improves immunity to catarrhal infections, and for diseases allows to reduce the period of poor health.

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