10 ways to keep weight in menopause

To avoid the onset of menopause will not work, and hold in this period, the weight in the usual framework – is quite real. Just follow these ten simple rules. And, perhaps like Yasmina Rossi, its 60th anniversary will be noted in the status model.

1. To monitor fluid balance
With the onset of menopause increase the risk of swelling. Reduce salt intake and choose more foods with a diuretic effect, celery, cucumber, spinach and parsley. By the way, foods with potassium, such as bananas, also removed the water.

2. To reduce the amount of carbohydrates
Swelling may exacerbate the excess carbs. First of all “inflates” carbs “fast” – sweet and starchy foods. And it’s not just about fluid retention, but the specific deposition of fat. Fast carbs, you know, converted into fat with fantastic speed. The amount of these products should be kept to a minimum.

3. To give up sugar
As for sweet, menopause is the time when white sugar and products with its contents should be abandoned altogether. There are many healthy and tasty alternatives in which zero sugar – honey, dried fruit, desserts with stevia. Not only because sugar – quick calories that get stored in fat. Sugar – provocateur of diabetes, the risk of development of which during the menopause increase significantly.

4. To reduce calorie menu
Keep in mind, the older we get, the lower the metabolic rate. Probably noticed, stepped 30-year milestone, more cake without consequences for the shape is not obtained. And actually there is, as before, was fraught. The more the age the lesser portions. Apply approximately 2/3 of the volume, which is eaten usually.

5. Start the habit of drinking water
Water is always needed for the body, and during menopause. You need to drink more than usual. First, during high tides the body loses a lot of fluid, and it needs to be filled. Secondly, water helps to stifle hunger. No wonder they say, hungry, drink some water, and hunger retreat.

6. Not to abandon fat

Many may be tempted to go on a diet, for example, to completely abandon fat. Logically, less fat eat less stored. You do not need. Fats in menopause is a valuable resource. They care about the health of the cardiovascular system, the nervous peace, the beauty of the skin. And, oddly enough, help to lose weight, because they are the raw material for production of hormones. For one thing – the share of animal fats really should be cut, and the fats such as omega-3, on the contrary, increase.

7. Not stick emotional crises
Remember, menopause is a zone of high emotional stress. And many give up this element, trying to balance the emotional balance of the usual female way – seizing. Nothing but pounds, not gain. Unlike, for example, yoga or meditation, which perfectly restore mental balance and at the same time improve figure.

8. To regulate cortisol levels
Klimas – the period when increases cortisol, the so-called stress hormone. When increased cortisol increases weight. To lower the level of this hormone is possible by the portion of positive emotions, proper sleep, healthy diet and avoiding harmful habits.

9. Resist inactivity
With age growing, the temptation to lie down, where you can sit, stand or walk. Inactivity, however, need to provide strong resistance. Move. This will not only improve shape but also to strengthen the cardiovascular system, immune system and nerves.

10. To get off the alcohol
And finally, replace all the alcohol in a glass of dry wine from time to time. Alcoholic beverages, if you didn’t know the real caloric bomb. In addition, they inflame the appetite. And water retention. Unlike a dry red wine that saturates the body with antioxidants.