10 best products for nasal congestion

Stuffy nose – a common symptom of respiratory infections, attacking a person in the cold season. Scientific experts have told that to solve the problem of nasal congestion can help not only medicines, but also some products.

Assessing the results of several studies, scientists have named the 10 best foods that help in the treatment of nasal congestion.

1 product: pineapple. It contains substances effective in protecting mucous membranes.

2 product: the watermelon. The composition of watermelon is composed of mineral compounds that protect against discomfort resulting from problems with the nose.

3 product: ginger. To treat congestion ginger is perfect – it contains very strong anti-inflammatory and antioxidant components.

4 the product: horseradish. Volatile horseradish help to cope with disease-causing viruses and bacteria.

5 product: chicken broth with vegetables. Its use reduces intensity of inflammatory processes, while protecting from attacks of coughing.

6 product: Apple cider vinegar. It is diluted with water, heated the solution slightly cooled, and inhale by the nose.

7 product: sharp spices. Their use allows to “penetrate” the barrier in the form of congestion and ease breathing. In addition, spices generally have anti-inflammatory action.

8 product: citrus. Vitamin C, which is in these products, makes active protective forces of an organism.

9 product: water. Try if nasal congestion is to drink hot water, the result will pleasantly surprise you.

10 product: onion. Very economical home remedy for nasal congestion. Onions are extremely rich with volatile plant substances that destroy bacteria.

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