What Your Favorite Type of Music Says About Your Sex Life

Are you a die-hard pop fan who’s unhappy in the bedroom? You might not be the only one. A recent survey conducted by ticket website TickPick revealed some pretty hilarious results about people’s sex preferences, based on their favorite genre of music. The company surveyed 1,010 people “all who enjoy listening to music and are sexually active” on their preferences when it comes to music and sex—and the results are very interesting. 

So what did they find? For starters, they revealed that 57% of the people they surveyed were satisfied with their sex life. From there, they broke it down by genre. Country fans were the most sexually satisfied, with over 66% of respondents reporting that their sex life was A-OK. Blues fans followed, with slightly more than 64% of users reporting satisfaction in their sex life. Jazz, Reggae, Hip-Hop/Rap fans followed, respectively, with each one having over 60% of listeners satisfied with their sex lives. 

Pop listeners reported to be the least satisfied sexually, with only around 57% saying that they are satisfied with the way things are in the bedroom. Talk about a bad romance, am I right?

The survey offered some other interesting insights into people’s sex and music preferences. On average, the survey says, blues fans last the longest in bed—going for about 16 minutes. A previous survey says that most people last about 28 minutes, but Holly Richmond, PhD, a certified sex therapist, previously told Health that both of these numbers seem like overestimates. (People last an average of 9-12 minutes in bed, she says.)

The survey also gave a few other interesting data points, like the fact that one in four folk music fans have cried during sex. But the most horrifying statistic was the 17% of respondents who said they have left their AirPods in during intercourse. Seriously, guys… WYD? 

You can see the full results of the survey and all of their other interesting findings on their site. Whether or not you agree with some of these correlations, the findings are certainly entertaining. Who knew there were so many kinky indie music fans out there? 

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