So your child doesn’t get to sleep in the second hour

Many children find it difficult in the second hour, to focus more on the substance. Are you tired, lacking in motivation, go to sleep almost any time during the lesson. FOCUS family explains how parents pass on to their offspring and more energy.

  • Even school children can have insomnia.
  • Parents can help in falling Asleep.
  • Sunlight and sports in the early morning make up and kicking.
  • Cocoa as a coffee for children works wonders.
  • The break bread is an absolute Must.

Almost everywhere in Germany the school starts at eight on the dot . In most families, the alarm clock is ringing, therefore, between 6.00 and 6.30 PM. Just so there is enough time for Dressing, Breakfast, brushing teeth, satchel pack and the way to school.

Only very few of the children then jump up and kicking out of the springs. Much rather you turn around once more in the cuddly bed. Then in the morning to get Up to the first showdown of the day is a very bad Start, disturbs the family peace, sensitive and in a bad mood of all Participants provides.

In school, the bad mood continues often. Because the fatigue is the children in the bone. Already from the second hour, the concentration decreases. Many find it difficult to follow the lessons.

So many hours of sleep do children need

In this case, parents can do a lot to send their children awake and motivated in the school day. First of all, the simple formula is of course: Who sleeps enough during the day fit and powerful. In the case of primary school children the value of about eleven hours of sleep are considered to be indicative, under stüflern ten is usually sufficient.

However, even if children go to bed on time, you are sometimes, the next Morning, limp and bad have come from the springs. The reason: they were on time in bed, have not recovered properly.

For some children, just like adults, Worry to bed. To be alone with yourself and your thoughts, not by wallowing in your problems and bad sleep due to bad dreams, too often, the sleep is not particularly restful.

Before falling Asleep, take away their Fears

Parents can help their children by making them Sleep society. Maybe also careful nachhorchen, if your child has something to tell. Any Fears, for example, in front of a severe Test the next day, take.

Relaxing instrumental music and calming scents such as lavender or lemon balm in the nursery to promote, of course economical this is A used, also and sleep Through the night. For a less stressful Start to the day can also be taken care of on the eve.

To grab instead of the satchel in the already limited time available in the Morning hectic, can parents and children do this quite easily at night – which is also the probability that something Important is forgotten are minimized.

Let the children jump

In the Morning the person comes easier from the springs, if it is bright. Because light suppresses the production of the tired make binds ends of the hormone Melatonin. In the summer, when the sun rises early, highly therefore as the first act in the children’s room: curtain or blinds. Like to open the window because fresh air makes you tired cells perk up.

In the Winter, it is often still dark when the kids have to get up. A daylight lamp can work miracles, or, a little cheaper, special light bulbs, which can also simulate sun light at least in Parts.

Also Gold value: movement. A few squats or jumping jacks, to best favorite music, boost circulation and make you feel frisky. Stretch and stretch to loosen muscles and joints.

This Breakfast helps fight fatigue

The worst fatigue is distributed, the old adage “Breakfast like a king,” especially for school children. This is because without the energy that provides this, makes the brain actually in the second hour, the tired, the concentration is gone.

Breakfast is an absolute Must – oily and hard to digest foods are forbidden. Because then the body to Digest is occupied, not with Thinking. Hands away from greasy fried scrambled eggs or thick occupied sausage – and a Cheese sandwich.

This luxury may, exceptionally, be indulged at the weekend. During the week, easily – tolerated foods, such as sugar muesli with fruit and yoghurt or fruit and vegetable juices (naturally, at the best, without any additional Sweetness) best.

This drink is a coffee substitute for children

What can cocoa be used for children as coffee. It is not even necessary to resort to Kaba, the plantation drank, or the like, since these mixtures ready-to-often contain more sugar than cocoa. A spoonful of real, like fairly produced cocoa, dissolved in a glass of low-fat fresh milk, is a good Wake-up call for children.

Because in combination with the natural milk sugar, it provides a boost of energy that makes the children mentally efficient and alert. An effect that increases, in contrast to sugared energy drinks, or soda pop, gentle as well as long and constant stops.

In addition, cocoa provides, unlike many other Coolers, not for a so-called hypoglycaemia, a short excess glucose in the blood, of power, unfocused, and a hot, hunger stirs a Sweet tooth.

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For the break: whole-grain bread, the best variant is

But the Breakfast won’t last forever, especially not in the early piece of muffles, the get in the Morning only a couple of mouthfuls. In order for children to get fit and alert through the school day, parents should give them a decent break bread in the classroom.

Because without a break bread kids will quickly get tired and hot and hungry for Sweets. The best Basis is, of course, wholemeal bread. This is because, unlike white bread, it makes for a quick rise in blood sugar levels, but the brain continuously energy.

As covering a good lean meat such as Turkey breast, cheese or vegetable spreads is. A banana, an Apple or other fruit make a well in the Break, bread box, also carrots or bell pepper sticks.

Children have sufficient to drink

Children from the various proposals are allowed to choose their favorites, increases the Chance that they will eat the lunch really. The same is true for the choice of drink.

The favorite juice as a spritzer is excellent, as are unsweetened teas, if the water is to the children in terms of taste too boring. Because dehydration can lead to fatigue and lack of concentration.

This is in the case of children, among other things, the fact that your body contains more water than that of an adult. A liquids tverlust of two percent of the total volume can make you unfocused. With a well-filled water bottle, children also get fitter by teaching.

A NAP on the school bench and with all of these precautions so it is very unlikely – except, of lessons, yawning is really boring.