What foods contain calcium and what is the use of this mineral?

Why foods containing calcium must be present in the diet? Why is calcium in pregnancy is so necessary for the woman and the fetus, and what is the danger of deficiency of this mineral?

1. The body does not produce minerals, so products with callamore be consumed regularly

We need calcium not only for strong teeth and bones. This mineral plays an important role in maintaining normal metabolism. In particular, calcium ions participate in the transmission of nerve impulses, regulate blood pressure and promote normal blood clotting.

In the human body calcium is not synthesized, so it must be obtained externally. What foods contain calcium? Primarily, it milk and dairy products, broccoli, fish and seafood.

2. Calcium gluconate and calcium chloride is the easiest way to replenish calcium

With a lack of calcium in the body doctors prescribe calcium supplements in the form of salts of calcium gluconate and calcium chloride. This is the most available form of this mineral, which you can get in a drugstore for a reasonable price. At the same time, some experts recommend taking ionized forms of calcium because of their better digestibility.

3. Calcium during pregnancy is crucial for the health of the mother and fetus

Calcium deficiency during pregnancy has a negative impact not only on the health of the mother but also the unborn baby. In pregnant women, this mineral is quickly consumed, leading to bone fragility and increased brittleness of nails and hair. A fetus is a shortage of calcium can lead to the development of serious congenital pathologies.

To avoid health problems, a pregnant woman in the first place have to eat every day foods that contain calcium. In addition, your doctor may prescribe vitamin and mineral supplementation with calcium to prevent osteoporosis and other unwanted disorders.

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4. For good absorption of calcium need vitamin D

The human body is so constituted that for a good assimilation of some substances often need more. The role of a partner for calcium plays vitamin D. So, you can eat a lot of foods contain calcium, but if your body is not enough vitamin D, the calcium is ingested. The good news is that unlike calcium, vitamin D is synthesized in the body in contact with the skin of ultraviolet rays. Even a 15-20 minute walk in the Sunny weather would be sufficient for the formation of the right amount of vitamin D.

5. Drugs, containing calcium, beware of side effects!

In addition to the gluconate, and calcium chloride, pharmacies are also well represented carbonate and calcium citrate. The latter has a better digestibility and less harmfulness in relation to the gastrointestinal tract.

Make calcium-containing drugs only with a doctor’s permission. As you know, all’s well that in moderation and with self-use of drugs there is a high risk of side effects. Excess calcium in the blood might lead to constipation and flatulence. It is noteworthy that the use of products containing calcium, does not cause such phenomena. Adverse reactions are possible only when taking tablet forms of calcium.