To protect against stroke and myocardial infarction: the blood vessels of young

Around four million Germans suffer from calcified vessels, in the jargon atherosclerosis. Among the dramatic consequences of stroke, heart attack or kidney failure. An expert explains what vessels keeps elastic.

With increasing age, the risk for atherosclerosis rises. Calcium deposits narrow the vessels, the organs are no longer adequately supplied with blood. A medium the old, calcified blood vessels young and flexible, would help millions of people. Researchers from the United States are to have found such a substance: the antioxidant MitoQ.

In a Mini-study of 20 seniors, the daily observed 20 milligrams of MitoQ revenue, the positive effect. The substance is a chemical variant of a natural antioxidant Q10. MitoQ have dilated the arteries of the subjects, you to 15 to 20 years younger, reports the authors of the study. The risk for heart disease had decreased by 13 percent.

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The results of the research are, however, treated with caution. Not only because the study had very few participants. It was also supported financially by a new Zealand company that distributes MitoQ.

Also vascular surgeon Herribert Lösel-Sadée, the investigation looks critically: lime, the agent is not able to resolve safe, says the chief physician for vascular surgery at the Sana hospital Gerresheim. Because of lime deposits, you will no longer get away.

The research approach of the US-team was promising, but not yet Mature. We should wait for a series of experiments with much more subjects, says Lösel-Sadée. Whether the product is truly an Anti-Aging effect, remains to be seen.

Antioxidants, which include Q10 and MitoQ, have quite a positive effect on the body, confirmed the expert. What role do they play exactly in the cells that had not been researched.

With sports and nutrition to prevent

Hope a lot more important than on a medium that calcified vessels may rejuvenate one day, be prevent, therefore, with the right life style. In terms of nutrition Lösel-Sadée:

  • Olive oil
  • Walnuts
  • a little animal fat
  • little meat

They also continue to Sport, but not to excess. Ideal types, such as Jogging and Cycling, according to the experts, sports. The best preventive measure is to stay up to the age of the mobile, emphasized Lösel-Sadée. Anyone who is Overweight, you should lose weight. Anyone who smokes should stop. In order to keep the blood fluid, to help blood-thinning agents. Take it but only in consultation with your doctor.