Sweet food and stress cause acne (pimples on face)

Chocolate and fast food cause acne, the study showed medical students last year at the University of Melbourne. They claim that cause acne (acne, rashes on the face) are sugary foods and stress. So, during exams acne in students was observed more frequently, which demonstrates: nervous overload affects the exacerbation of the disease.

Chocolate milk and fast food lead to acne, the study showed medical students last year at the University of Melbourne.

And although members of the British Association of dermatologists a very long insisted that there is no evidence of a link between sweets and acne, young researchers insist that to get rid of acne when creams and ointments don’t help, you need to change the diet to refuse from refined carbohydrates (sugar, white flour, pasta, etc.).

Associated symptoms:

Redness of the skin Rash (skin rash)Acne

A diet high in dairy products increases the severity of acne.

Dairy foods cause acne?

A study published in the British Medical Journal, also shows that a diet with a high content of dairy products increases the severity of acne. It turns out that skim milk may bring more harm than fat! The fact that it contains hormones (they are added in the feed of cows), which stimulate the production of sebum that is its excess contributes to the development of acne.

It works as a hormonal imbalance in the human body this is the cause of the disease can be considered primary (no wonder most often acne occurs in adolescence). The clogged pores and lack of hygiene lead to the growth of bacteria.


By the way, the research of other scientists, doctors of medical Sciences Whitney Bowe and dermatologist Joshua Zeichner from new York, showed that bodybuilders and athletes who regularly take whey supplements and protein bars with casein, are more likely to suffer from severe forms of acne.

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Probiotics in dairy products may help improve skin condition, and the fermentation process reduces the levels of the hormone IGF-1, says Dr. Bowe. But if you often get pimples, and if you are a fan of dairy products, it makes sense to reduce their consumption and see how the skin will react. Sometimes you have wait for the result within 1-2 months.

Types of acne and the process of their appearance

The manifestation of acne on the face should think about the adjustment of the diet. Besides, to abandon refined carbohydrates useful because they cause obesity and diabetes.