Perfume and hand cream can trigger early puberty

Contained in perfumes, hand creams and lotions chemicals can cause early puberty in girls. This is the conclusion reached by researchers from the University of California.

In such popular cosmetics like perfumes and lotions contain chemicals causing early puberty in girls. When exposed to certain substances in childhood or even the womb in the body undergoes changes that lead to early onset of puberty. We are talking about the chemical substance called diethyl, which is used in perfumes and cosmetics. Only this year, EU authorities banned the use of certain elevated concentrations of diethyl in certain products. In addition, early puberty can be triggered by the impact on girls of methyl paraben is a chemical which is found in cheap lotions and creams for hands.

Their findings, scientists from the University of California on the basis of observations by almost 200 girls from birth until adolescence. In the period from 9 to 13 years in girls every nine months looking for signs of the onset of puberty. The researchers believe that due to the impact of these chemicals has been a change in the level of the female hormone estrogen. And increasing its concentration led to early puberty. Magicforum recalls that early sexual maturity is a threat to the female body, as it increases the risk of tumors of the breast and ovaries.

Finally, the authors of the study found that children are entering puberty prematurely, if their mothers are exposed to triclosan – a chemical component that is used in some antibacterial products for hand washing and tooth pastes. The level of triclosan was measured in the urine of the mother in the period from 14 to 27 weeks of pregnancy. Early puberty was observed in daughters of those women who are indicators of triclosan during pregnancy was the highest. (READ MORE)