Friends Wear Matching Bikinis in Different Sizes to Prove That Every Body Is a Bikini Body

Every woman, no matter her body size or shape, looks amazing in a bikini—and influencers Ashley Torres and Kristina Zias prove that in the cutest way. 

Over the weekend, Zias and Torres, who each have their own body positive Instagram accounts, shared on their sites a short clip of themselves rocking matching black bathing suits from Aerie. 

“You know what will ruin your beach day? Comparing yourself to others,” wrote Zias in her caption. “Ashley is wearing an XS and I’m wearing an XL. I used to be insecure at the beach comparing myself to friends that were smaller than me but I’ve realized that every body is built differently and that’s okay! I hope you remember that confidence is always the best accessory and that size is nothing but a number!! Rock that beach body!!!!”

Torres tells Health that the duo collaborated on the post to reject the idea that only some women with a specific body type can pull off a two-piece.

“We realize our followers might not necessarily be our size and thought it would be great to showcase the styles together, so they can see how they look on different body types,” Torres says. “The real goal was to show that bikini bods come in all shapes and sizes. And at the end of the day, confidence is our best accessory.”

Zias adds that she also hopes the video will encourage other women to feel confident in their beach bodies. “I know a lot of curvy women are insecure in bathing suits, especially around friends that are smaller than them—I used to be one of these women," she tells Health. "We wanted to help break those insecurities and show that size does not define beauty."

As for their favorite suits? Torres says that the Unlined Underwire One Piece Swimsuit ($55; is her swimwear of choice, while Zias prefers the Bandeau Bikini Top ($10; 

“As women, we are all shapes and sizes. I create content to inspire women to try new outfits, embark on new adventures, discover their best skin regimen, etc., so they can feel confident and live their best life," adds Torres. "When Kristina came to me with this idea, it was a no-brainer.”

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