People will eat your brain: dementia researchers explains how to protect yourself

That Fast Food is bad for the heart and the figure is likely to be familiar to many. What most do not know, however: burgers, fries and Pizza can also cause brain damage. Researchers were now a connection between Fast Food and dementia.

“With Fast Food and too little exercise, people will eat your brain,” says Nicolas Cherbuin of the Australian National University. Together with a research team of scientists has discovered now evidence that people threatened due to their unhealthy eating habits is a significant risk of developing dementia.

The Team evaluated approximately 200 international studies. Thus, a large amount of data was available to the researchers. In their analysis they realized that The worse people are malnourished and the less sports driven, to develop the higher your risk of dementia or other signs of cognitive dysfunction.

The researchers published their study results in the journal “Frontiers in Neuroendocrinology”.

Loss of nerve cells

Fast Food makes you fat – which may lead to chronic metabolic disease type 2 Diabetes. The sugar-disease, in turn, can impair the brain function, suggests other scientific studies already. The current research results confirm this, and even go a step further: they show that a direct connection from Fast Food to impaired brain function, it is conceivable – without the detour via type 2 Diabetes.

Who eats unhealthy, increase directly the risk for dementia, even if there is nothing on Diabetes suggesting. Cherbuin explained: “Our work shows that the loss of nerve use cells much earlier: We have a clear relationship between decreasing brain services, and unhealthy lifestyle habits found.”

According to the researchers, more than 30 percent of the adult population currently Overweight and obesity. In addition, to be suffering by 2030, around ten percent of all adult Diabetes type 2.

“Too little, too late”

“Too little, too late” – this is true according to the Cherbuin to many of the current efforts to protect themselves against the declining power of the brain. “The damage is irreversible, once a Person has reached their mid-life. We call on all to eat as early as possible to be healthy and to keep fit. Best in Childhood, but no later than early adulthood.“

According to the Cherbuin food as we do today, every day, about 650 kilo calories more than in the 70s of the 20th century. Century. This corresponds to about a Fast Food menu of burgers, fries and a soft drink. For men to exceed their recommended daily energy by around a quarter, women by nearly a third.

The leader of the study explained: “The additional amount of energy that take people in comparison to 50 years ago, daily, shows that a lot of unhealthy diets.” He calls for a rethinking in society, questions such as “would you Like fries with that?” should not be permitted to give it in Fast Food Restaurants.

To protect yourself from Obesity, Diabetes, and possibly dementia, you should avoid the following foods:

  • Fried food and Fast Food such as burgers and fries
  • processed foods such as Chips or Desserts
  • red and processed meat such as sausages
  • Butter, Margarine and cheese
  • sugar – and alcohol-containing beverages
  • Pastries and sweets


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With these foods you can prevent dementia

The onset of dementia, delaying, experts recommend instead a balanced diet. Certain nutrients, according to Nutritionist Anne Iburg is particularly important for brain and nerve cells. In her book “eat, against Forgetting,” she advises, therefore, to natural foods such as fruits and vegetables. They contain antioxidant polyphenols, in addition, many of the vitamins and folic acid. Healthy fats such as the Omega-3 fatty acids also support Hormone metabolism. “Eat against Forgetting” by Anne Iburg buy now at Amazon!

She recommends the following foods:

  • Water, green and black tea
  • green vegetables
  • Beans, peas and lentils
  • Whole-grain products
  • Flax, pumpkin seed, canola and olive oil
  • Fish
  • Nuts and seeds