Life expectancy in Germany is rising – so-old newborn in the cut

The Germans are getting older, as the Federal Statistical office on Tuesday announced in Wiesbaden. Newborn girls, therefore, have to cut to 83.3 years old, newborn baby boy to 78.5 years.

In the so-called mortality table 2016/2018, the life expectancy for both sexes increased by 0.1 years in comparison to the previous survey of 2015/2017. This corresponds to the average annual change over the past ten years, the conference heard.

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Life expectancy in Germany has grown by up to 0.3 years

Overall, the statisticians observe, however, a Trend towards a slower increase. Because up to the death panel 2006/2008, life expectancy had grown newborn in a decade-long annual average of around 0.2 years (girls) and 0.3 years (young).

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