How high is your blood pressure? That’s why you should know your bottom value as well as the upper

Both blood pressure readings may show an increased risk for diseases such as heart attack or stroke. An American study shows that not only a higher value of the upper, systolic blood pressure indicates an increased risk of disease.

The bottom, diastolic value is a good indicator and should not be neglected, according to the research team in the journal “New England Journal of Medicine”.

In the age of the systolic blood pressure value is more important

So far, the experts were divided on whether both blood pressure values, equally well suitable, to an increased health to assess risk. Usually, the blood is pressure specified by two values – for example, 110 to 80 (systolic to diastolic).

The systolic value shows which pressure blood from the heart into the body is pressed. The diastolic value measures the blood pressure when the heart fills with blood between two heart beats.

Too high, too low? This is the optimum blood pressure value

The blood pressure, the Geräre measure in units of millimeters of Mercury. The abbreviation is mmHg. You referred to the pressure that is necessary to have liquid mercury in a tube with a mm lift.

  • Doctors in Germany speak of high blood pressure (hypertension) from a value higher than 140 mmHg.
  • The blood pressure drops below 105 mmHg, in front of is low blood pressure (hypotension).

In Germany to be involved in the diagnosis of high blood pressure both values. Ulrich Kintscher, Director of the Institute for pharmacology at the University hospital Charité in Berlin, sees this with the study, confirmed: “Here is confirmed by a very large amount of data, the importance of the diastolic value. In old age, the study also shows, is the systolic value is crucial, but in principle both should be respected.“

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The lower value is a good indicator for heart attack risk

The US researchers had used for the current study, patient data from the private health insurer Kaiser Permanente Northern California. For the period between 2007 and 2016, received more than 36 million blood pressure measurements of about 1.3 million people. Over the patients, additional data are also known, such as age or pre-existing conditions.

In the study, confirmed that elevated blood pressure increases the risk for certain cardiovascular diseases. In Europe, values are, as already mentioned, higher than 140 90 is considered to be increased.

In the United States, the border has reduced Recently and is now at 130 to 80. The study was based on two limit values. The analysis showed that the lower value is a good indicator for the risk of a heart attack or stroke.

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Low blood pressure readings are healthier

“There has been a long Controversy about what contributes to cardiovascular disease, systolic or diastolic blood pressure, or both,” writes Co-author Deepak Bhatt in a press release from Kaiser Permanente. “This analysis of long-term, extensive data shows convincingly that both are important. And it also shows that for otherwise healthy people, low blood pressure values are generally better.“

The German expert Kintscher is of the view that all adults should know their blood pressure. Depending on the height should then be periodically measured. “When hypertension is diagnosed, is now increasingly of the view of the self-measurement of patients, the patients should measure twice a day,” says the expert.

In addition to drugs, there would be good opportunities to take on blood pressure impact says Kintscher. This includes regular physical activity and a healthy, low-salt diet, therefore, are: “It helps to go with the dog for a walk and to dispense with finished products.”

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