Medicine Ball Excerises

A medicine ball is a weighted exercise ball. Medicine ball exercises can be effective for both men and women. There are a full range of exercises offered, including both cardio and resistance moves that can be used for muscle building and tightening, strength training and rehabilitation. They can be incorporated into any workout, or you can take on a total body medicine ball workout.
The first step is to purchase a medicine ball. You want to select a medicine ball that is the proper weight for the types of medicine ball exercises you will perform, but that is not too heavy for you to handle. The medicine ball should slightly slow your actions, but not hinder your ability to control the ball or limit your accuracy or range of motion.

medicine ball workouts

There are an unlimited amount of medicine ball exercises that can be performed. The Lunge is an exercise that can be used in a variety of medicine ball exercises. For the Lunge With Twist exercise, start with your legs spread to your hips. Hold the medicine ball, with both hands, in front of you as you step forward into the lunge with your right foot. While in the lunge, holding the ball out in front of you, move the ball to the right, then back to the center. The left side can be completed the same way. For the Goblet Lunge, you will start with the medicine ball in both hands at your waist. Keeping the medicine ball at waist height, step forward into a lunge with one leg, then, after returning to the starting position, step forward in a lunge with the other leg. The Knee-Toss starts with a lunge as well. Start with the medicine ball at your chest. After you have stepped into the lunge with one leg, pass the medicine ball under the front of your bent knee from one hand to the other, then back over. You can choose one or all of these exercises to include in your medicine ball workout.

The squat is another type of exercise that can be included in medicine ball workout routine. For the Goblet squat, stand with your feet shoulder-width apart and the medicine ball fully extended at chest level. Eyes facing forward, squat down until your thighs are parallel to the floor and hold your position. For the Squat to Press, start with the medicine ball close to your chest. Once in the squat position, as you push your body back up, hold the ball over your head.

Pushups, sit ups, circles, almost any exercise that you do now can be altered to fit your medicine ball workout. The exercises listed here are only a few of the hundreds of exercises that can be performed. Adding a medicine ball workout to your routine will help you stay in shape, build muscle and feel great.

As with beginning any form of physical activity or exercise always check with your doctor first.